Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ginger Benefits Infographic

Ginger Benefits Infographic

The Health Benefits of Ginger

1 - Ginger for cancer
A study in mice found that the mice given gingerol, the antioxidant found in ginger which gives it its distinctive flavor, had less tumors and their size was significantly smaller than those of mice who didn’t get gingerol.

In another study, mice that had been injected with cancer cells and given ginger had protection against the forming of colon cancer.

2 – Ginger for morning sickness
Research has revealed that 125mg of ginger extract taken 4 times daily for 4 days reduced morning sickness significantly in women who were less than 20 weeks pregnant.

In other research, 53% of women who were less than 16 weeks pregnant who consumed a 1.05 gram ginger capsule reported a reduction in both vomiting and nausea associated with pregnancy.

3 – Ginger for motion sickness
Studies have shown that ginger has a substantial effect on both the prevention and treatment of motion sickness.

4 – Ginger for osteoarthritis
A study has found that individuals having osteoarthritis who had ingested ginger extract had a greater reduction in knee pain compared to those who did not ingest ginger.

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